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Apple Mail Issues and it's Solution-Complete Guidance by an Expert.

Apple Email is configured with an Apple Devices. This email is user-friendly and gives multiple features such as cloud storage of emails which keep the emails secure, the emails are encrypted and hence provide the high-class secured feature of emails.

Even though Apple emails have multiple benefits, but it also undergoes some technical issues, if you also face any issue, then dial on Apple Mail Customer Service Phone Number. The number is accessible 24*7, so you can call anytime for the support. The techie has good experience in solving many issues and dialing the same number will allow you to get in touch with them to resolve your issue.
Apple users confront multiple Mail issues and as per that that issues has been listed below to make you aware of those issues.

Sent Email does not show in Sent Folder

  1. Generally, this problem occurs and the resolution is very simple, from your Email, go to the 'Sent Folder' and click on the same.
  2. Now go to your Mailbox Menu and select the “Use This Mailbox For” option and after clicking on the same, choose your desired folder, i.e. Sent Folder.
  3. Once you have done this, your sent email will appear on your Sent Folder.

Not receiving any new mail?

To resolve this issue, open your email account and go to the Mailbox, from the same, click on “Take all emails offline” and wait for a moment and then click on “Take all emails online” and then refresh your email. This process will make new emails to come in your Inbox. If still not, then contact the Apple Mail Technical Support for the assistance.

Unable to sent an email.

  1. If you are unable to send an email from your Apple Email, then check your email server setting, whether it is properly configured or not, if not then follow these simple steps.
  2. For IMAP, enter the server name as “”.
  3. Always keep SSL feature in ON mode.
  4. Keep the desired port number and then enter your correct email address and password.
  5. For SMTP, enter the server name as “”.
  6. Keep SSL in ON mode and then enter your email address and password. If still, you persist the problem, then you can select alternate SSL i.e. TLS or other.

Does mail frequently ask about the Password?

If you encounter this kind of issue, then check your email setting and verify the same. The other option is you can change your password.

Contact at Apple mail Customer Service for Online help

For any additional info, you can contact to the Apple Mail Customer Service, here you will get the complete information about the Apple Email and its features. You will also get the info about the updated version of Apple Email.
Since Apple made everything simpler, even for the issue, they kept multiple teams to resolve the issues and give the best and effective services to the Customers. Hence Apple believes in providing the uninterrupted services to its users.





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