China Airlines Baggage Policy

China Airlines Baggage Policy

Reap the benefits of the China Airlines Baggage Policy and China Airlines Cancellation policy for making your travel easy

Make your trip exciting by availing the services offered by China Airlines:

China Airlines is one of the largest airlines in Taiwan that allow the passengers to travel to distant places. With a fleet size of 88, China Airlines is well known all over the world for providing excellent services that helps the passengers in reaching their final destination without any hurdles and complexities. China Airlines serves to 102 destinations that are spread all over the world. The headquarters of China Airlines is situated at CAL Park, Dayuan, Taoyuan City in  Taiwan (Republic of China). 

Avail the alluring advantages of China airlines baggage policy:

China Airlines frame a number of policies for its passengers so that they do not face any issues and thus reach their final destination with comfort. One of these policies is the China Airlines Baggage Policy. Some more information about the baggage policy of China Airlines are listed below:

  • The passengers may carry any piece more than the allowed 2 checked pieces. The items must weigh in  between 50 lbs and 70 lbs (between 23 kg and 32 kg).
  • Also, the passengers may carry items  beyond the allowed 2 checked pieces. This item should weigh less than 28 kg, and the total dimensions of his item should not  exceed 62 inches (158 cm) but not more than 80 inches (203 cm).

These steps will assist the passengers in getting the flight tickets cancelled. 

Get the flight tickets cancelled:

According to the China Airlines Refund Policy, the passengers may get their flight tickets cancelled. For doing so, the passengers may cancel the flight tickets within a specified time period after the booking of the flight tickets and before the departure of the booked flights. The passengers need to fill in the refund form and thus fulfil the recharge fees charged on the passengers.

Know more about the China Airlines Cancellation Policy:

As per the China Airlines Cancellation Policy, the passengers may get the flight tickets cancelled. Some information about the China Airlines Cancellation Policy are listed below:

  • The passengers are offered with free cancellation of the booked flight ticket in case the passengers cancel the flight tickets within 48 Hours of Ticket Purchase.
  • For tickets to/from USA,  the passengers will offered a full refund  if the refund request is submitted within 48 hours of the buying of the flight ticket.
  • Also the passengers will be given a full refund in case if the ticket is completely unused and was booked one week or more prior to the departure of the booked flight.

Detailed information about the China Airlines Cancellation Policy have been discussed  here. If the passengers face some issues, then they can contact the executives for getting the issues resolved instantly.

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