China Airlines Pet Policy

China Airlines Pet Policy

All that you needed to know about various policies of China Airlines!

You have got your booking done in China Airlines to your destination but you need to know about various policies of China Airlines and you are looking for the same, here, in this article, you read about pet policy, cancellation policy, refund policy and what aspects you can do under manage booking section.

If you need to carry your pet with you, all you need to do is look at China Airlines pet policy. The following gives an explanation about pet policy of China Airlines:

  • If your requirement is to transport the dog and cat as checked baggage, you can contact China Airlines in advance. It might happen that you need to pay for pets and pet containers.
  • Fee for transporting pets is determined by weight which includes the weight of both the container and pets.
  • All pets except guide dogs, service dogs and hearing dogs, pets must be carried in appropriate containers and must be transported in the Cargo hold as checked baggage.
  • When you are travelling with your pet, you need to ensure that you are carrying following documents with yourself:

> Valid import/export related document issued by concerned government.
> There should be certificates related with import permits, health declarations, and vaccination certificates that are required by all of the destinations/ transfer countries or regions on the itinerary.

  • There is variation in import and export regulations of different country/ region. Traveler is advised to contact the customer care of China Airlines and get details about what more rules are there in addition to above ones for the pet that one has to carry to one’s destinations. If there is requirement of quarantine and inspection, a traveler has to bear the charges for the services by himself or herself.

Once you have got an idea about the pet policy of China Airlines, go through following to get an idea about China Airlines cancellation policy:

  • According to cancellation policy of China Airlines, you need to contact the travel agency if you had bought the ticket from travel agency. However, if you had bought the ticket using the website of the China Airlines, you need to apply for the refund on China Airlines website.
  • If your ticket has been bought from China Airlines counter, you need to contact for the refund on concerned China Airlines counter.
  • Once you have applied for the refund, you must be having the curiosity how much time it will take to get the refund. The duration depends upon many factors like that on working hours of the destination that you are going to.
  • Also, the refund on cancellation depends upon the fact that as early as you apply for the cancellation, you get maximum amount of refund, it also depends upon what time you booked your ticket on.
  • If there has been flight cancellation by Air China itself due to bad weather condition, then, a traveler might get the refund amount after cancellation.
  • For different cancellation request and factors, there are different cancellation rule.

If you need to make some changes into your booking, you can get it done under China Airlines manage booking section. You can manage your booking online, however, if you don’t have access to online portal or don’t want to use online booking portal, you can contact the customer care of China Airlines.

Following gives the procedure how you can manage your booking through online mode:

  • Go to official website of China Airlines.
  • Click on the Book tab that you can find at left top side of China Airlines website.
  • Click on Book button.
  • Choose what changes you need to make under Manage booking, add -ons or travel & Services section.
  • Follow the on -screen instruction and make/add changes into your booking.

With China Airlines, you can make following changes into your booking:

  • Add special assistance: If needed mobility aid or needed any other assistance like that for expectant mother, if you had not added at first, you can add it later on under manage booking section.
  • Add special meals: You can also add special meals into your booking. China Airlines has food variants into its menu and provides its passenger with foods.

Also, if you needed to add excess bag, you can add it under excess bag section. Besides, if you need hotel and travel services, you can add it from the column Travel Services section. You can add car on rent and book hotels for accommodation so that you can have hassle free journey and accommodation at your destination.

Choose China Airlines for better flight services!

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