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If you are suffering from the issues that the Google search not working and you are continually looking for the solution. Then let me tell you that you have reached your destination as here on this page we have gathered numerous ways to resolve your queries. The queries that bother you in accessing the Google services the page not only will provide you with the solution of how to fix Google search but also give you some crucial information that will help in future access.

This has been noticed that sometimes the iPhone users face the trouble while using Google Search engine and in that case, the iPhone user surf the internet to bring out the solution for their issues. If you are one of the iPhone users who is facing Google search not working on iPhone then this is the right article for you. Simply go through the article word by word and you will be able to resolve the Google search issue.

My Google search is not responding, what should I do?

  • In the first place, you have to reboot the computer if the Google search not responding.
  • After that, you have to delete all the cookies to make a smoother way to obtain the Google services.
  • Then, you should scan the computer for malware using the installed malware removal tool.
  • Also, you should run your Google by disabling all plugins and extensions to open the Google again.
  • Run an SFC scan
  • In addition, you should give a try to uninstall the web browser and reinstall it.
  • Besides, you can monitor the DNS cache
  • There might be a reason behind the Google is not responding and that can be the older version of the web browser, hence, install the latest one.
  • If Google search is not working then the user will need to clear the cache, browsing history and cookies
  • If the PC acquires any security program that could be any antivirus or firewall then disable it quickly for a while and open the Google in the web browser.
  • Furthermore, you should check for the proxy settings
  • Or else the last thing to do is cleaning the host cache of Google Chrome web browser.

Google Customer Service Number

Besides, there are several other ways to resolve the issue that a user faces while accessing the Google including customer support service. The user can call Google customer service phone number in order to ask for the solution to their queries. So you are a single call away to get the solutions from the customer support team. 

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