How do i Recover a deleted Google Account

How do i Recover a deleted Google Account

Steps to Recover a Deleted Google Account

A google account is an user account that gives to easy access to settings and tools for managing  your google products.It is required for access,authentication and authorization to online google services.

Steps to recover a deleted Google Account -

In case you’ve deleted your google account,then you have to act fast to recover a deleted google account because you only got 2 business days to recovering.

Here,are some easy steps to follow for recovering-

  • First you need to open the google recovering page in your browser,This will open a page with a text field.
  • Then type in the address for the gmail account that you deleted.
  • Click “next” ,below the text field.
  • Enter your password, in the text field that’s in the middle of the page.
  • Click “next” ,below the text field.
  • When prompted,click “continue” , it will take you to the account creation page,where you can reinstate your old email address.
  • Then you should see your old email address here,along with your phone number and your recovery email address ,then you can proceed.
  • If needed ,you can update aspects of your account here before proceeding.
  • Click “submit” , below the account information section.
  • In the text field in the middle of the page,type a phone number at which you can receive a text message.
  • Then click “continue”, google will send to your phone a text message with a verification code .
  • Retrieve your six digit verification code.
  • Enter the verification code on your computer,and then click “continue”
  • If the code is correct,it will recover your email account and you back to the google account.
  • Log in the google account.

This the way you can recover your deleted google account.

Google Chrome Technical Support-

If you having any trouble accessing any google products or if Google not working,you can contact the Google Chrome Technical Support  so they can help you instantly.You can contact them via phone call and mail.You call also search for a google office near you.

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