How to Contact Apple Safari Technical Support Phone Number

Get to know how to add bookmark  with Apple safari browser through Apple customer support!

Apple safari is the web browser developed by Apple which is used to browse on iPhone ,iPad,and MAC.It was initially released for MAC operating system as a default browser,Now Safari is available for windows as well. It provides various features such as new address and search bar,Rolodex and a reading list. It provides the availability to Zoom on web pages and Custom style sheet.

Although Apple safari is easy to use  but some times when you use Apple Safari browser then there may be a chance when you may face some technical issue.Due to these issues Apple safari does not work properly.If you are not able to solve these issues by yourself then you can take help from Apple Safari Tech support.Apple technician are well qualified and certified who will provide you best guidance to solve all these issues.

Some common technical issue which are solved by Apple technician are discussed below:

  1. Safari  is  not working on MAC
  2. Unable to respond on iPhone.
  3. It is not loading images.
  4. Unable to connect with Internet.
  5. Safari browser suddenly crash.
  6. Storage problem with Safari browser.
  7. Flash website iOS not working with Safari browser.
  8. Safari browser is not able to support the Gmail website page.
  9. Unable to play YouTube videos.
  10. You are not able to add a Bookmark on Safari browser.

Unwavering resolution through Apple support team

If you want to add Bookmark on Apple safari browser then you can easily add or edit Bookmark on Apple safari browser But if you are getting any issue for adding Bookmark then you can a communicate to Apple Safari technical support. Apple provide  experienced professionals who are well certified and expert,they will tell you relevant steps how to add book mark. Here are the steps given below for adding bookmark,you will have a look on these steps:

  1. First of all you need to go to web page which you want to make bookmark.
  2. Now click on the box that is looking like a box with an arrow coming .
  3. Then you need to go in the Pop up menu and click on the Bookmark.
  4. Here you will see a screen where you can edit details about the Bookmark.
  5. Then you need to choose where you want to store Bookmark.
  6. Once it is completed then you have to click on the Save and then bookmark is saved.

Eradicate your Pitfall with browser via Apple safari customer service

Why  is it hard for you to find apple safari customer service? What is preventing you from availing Apple remote technical assistance?So now you do not  need to worry for anything ,you will have to remove your hesitant and you will get best Customer support from Apple technician. You can dial toll free number of Apple Safari browser. Afterdialing this number ,you will be in direct contact of Apple safari customer service expert,they will provide you reliable solution to get rid of any query. They will not leave you until you will not get hundred percent satisfaction from Apple customer representative. Apple customer agents are always ready for your help. They are available round the clock.

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