How to Contact Hotmail Technical Support Phone Number

Hotmail Technical Support

Hotmail is the free web mailing service used to provide communication. Hotmail developed by Microsoft and also known as Microsoft Hotmail. Hotmail provide 25GB of space on windows live skydrive to save personal information. Hotmail service can be accessed through the web browser, pop3 email provide the user friendly service including features like voice mail, chat and huge storage space.

How to get solution for technical issues?

Hotmail provide the security from emails which enhance the security. It support multiple email applications and now use with outlook. Despite of all the features there is no surety that you get totally away from hotmail errors. So you can connect with Hotmail technical support team to find the solution of your issues. Hotmail ensures the all time availability of your emails with advanced and innovative technology. Some of the common issues are:

  1. How to create signature in Hotmail?
  2. How to recover hacked or blocked account?
  3. How to recover deleted mails?
  4. Browser compatibility issue
  5. Installing and updating hotmail account
  6. Account configuration on your device.
  7. File attachment issue and unable to access hotmail
  8. Junk and spam mail filtering

Users are not able to use their account hassle free due to above mentioned issues. These issues are easily solved by technical support team. To get in touch with them you have to call on Hotmail tech support number. Technical support team are well versed having vast knowledge and experience to deal with technical issues. They can solve any kind of technical issue and provide you a quick solution.

How to create signature in Hotmail account

Adding a signature make impressive your Email. It allow the same text to be pasted in the end of your email. You can include your name, job title and other information to your signature. Once you have created your signature  then you don’t need  to type that information again and again.

Follow these steps to create your signature:

  1. First of all  login in your Hotmail account and click on option button to open a list.
  2. Now click on More option to open the Hotmail options pane.
  3. To display the personal signature pane click on message font and signature in the Writing email section
  4. Select Rich text in the Mode drop list and type your signature.
  5. Now you can create your own signature and click on save option.

Call Hotmail tech support phone number for online help

After following these steps you are able to create your own signature. When you compose a new message signature automatically added at the bottom of your mail. If you find any difficulty then contact to Hotmail tech support phone number. They will provide you immediate support to solve your issues. They can also solve other issues related to hotmail. They provide unique and reliable solution for all the complex issues.

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