How to install google chrome on your computer

How to install google chrome on your computer

web browser is increasing becoming a common part of your digital life. This is the tool which allow us to connect with the internet and use the various other feature of world wide web. Through this platform we can connect with individual, promote our company and increase our product reach. One such web browser which is rapidlly becoming the user top choice is " Google Chrome''. Google chrome customer service helps customer to resolve all sorts of queries .

Google chrome is the most popular web browsing platform in the world which help user to connect with the internet . The sheer domnainace of this web browser in their particular field is because of some great feature in form of easy to install, adding extension or bookmarking . But sometime a naysayer user do faces some serious issue regarding how to install the chrome on their computer. One can take the help of Google Chrome Tech Support or follow some of these common procedures :

  1. First of all open your web browser whether its firefox, internet explorer or bing .
  2. Then type into the address bar near the top, or use your preferred search engine to find "Google Chrome".
  3. Then apparently a licence terms window will appear but simply click on the Accept and Install button. A Windows User Account Control (UAC) might pop up and ask if you will allow the Chrome to be installed, so click Yes if prompted.
  4. Once you clicked on the Chrome button it will automatically download, install and launch itself. .
  5. Incase if you have a Google account, then one should sign into Chrome by clicking the three horizontal bars icon on the right-hand side and then Sign in to Chrome. This will allow you to import the bookmarks as well as browsing history and password and also if you are new then it will protect to save your data and search history.
  6. One can also choose how chrome behave by clicking on the setting and prefer the continue where I left off option, which will restore the webpages you visited last

Get Google Chrome Tech Support

Even after following these procedures, if one faces issue regarding installation of chrome then one can directly contact the Google chrome technical support Their tech support team will make sure that your issue get resolved in immediate time.


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