How to reset Outlook password

Outlook Password Reset

We always look for the cheapest, fastest and easiest mode of communication. Email is that one tool which fits in all these categories.  It’s unique and great as compared to others since you don’t have to be available at the same time or all the time in order to communicate. It allows us to keep interacting with other parts of the world whether colleagues, friends or family.   There are many standard email application platforms. But few is as popular as got distinct features than “ Outlook ‘’.

Outlook is one of the top email services providing an application which is used by millions of users across the world. The sheer reason behind such appreciation of this email service is because it acts as a most speedy and convenient way of transferring one’s message.  It also provides various features apart like folders for group messages, flags to highlight the messages or give importance from one email service provider. Outlook also provides desired folder option in order to store the message which you want to store.  But occasionally user do faces certain issue while working on outlooks like crashing of outlook, unable to send or receive emails or spamming issues. But one of the most common problems user do face is regarding Outlook password reset, no one can take the help of technical support or follow these simple procedures:

  1. First of all, visit the official website of outlook and then select I forget my password.
  2. Then further click on reset my password.
  3. Then type in your email address and enter the captcha characters shown in the picture as well as click on the Next button.
  4. Again Msn or outlook will provide you two medium through which one needs to reset the password.  Email me a reset link or send me a code to my phone.
  5. Further select Email me a rest link option in order to receive password reset link on your alternate email address by clicking on the Next.
  6. Again one can also choose phone option in order to send a code to my phone and then click on send code button in case if you have a phone number associated with it. Once you selected that one will receive Microsoft account password reset code to your phone.
  7. Note down the OTP number and put it down in given space and click on submit.
  8. After that sign into your alternate email address to see account password reset email from Microsoft team. Then click on the reset link which will take you to reset your password where one need to reset the password by entering the new password and then re-enter to confirm it. And finally clicking on next button to do it.
  9. Similarly when you submit the OTP and click on the Next button then one need to type the new password and retype the new password in order to confirm it.
  10. Now after these steps the Outlook password recovery will take place.

Outlook Password Reset Phone Number

But in case such situation arises when one could not able to reset the password by following these general procedures, then one can take the help through Outlook password reset team. Their customer service has some excellent support team in order to provide immediate assistance through emails.  The Outlook Technical Support team will provide ultimate solution to all your queries in immediate time. They make sure you get a fully satisfactory solution to your difficulties.


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