How to setup Samsung printer wireless

How to setup Samsung printer wireless

 Process to setup samsung printer wireless

Printing is an easy task but when you are thinking about wireless printing it is little bit tricky task. When you have one printer and you want to connect with several device then you need a wireless printer. You dont have to purchase a separate printer for each device.
To set up your computer wirelessly you need a wi-fi network, some use bluetooth and infrared. Some printer have built in wireless adapters and ethernet ports. Samsung printer customer service has provided the guideline to setup samsung printer wirelessly in an easy manners.

Setup wifi direct

  • Open printer manager and switch to adavanced mode.
  • Click on the device tab and select your printer.
  • Now click on the network settings tab in the device settings window.
  • Turn wi-fi direct and enter the device name, IP address, group owner and network password.
  • To save the changes cluick on the Save button.

Printer connected to the network

  • In the web browser enter you printer’s IP address.
  • Now login in the network.
  • Select network settings from the settings tab.
  • Now select the wi-fi direct to enable the wi-fi direct.
  • Enter the device name,IP address, group owner and netwok password.
  • To save changes click on apply.

If you are not able to configure your printer setup then contact to Samsung printer technical support team for the help.