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Human has always been evolving and creating new products with better features which are redefining our society values and beliefs. There are plenty of the landscape innovation in the world which has completely changed our world.  One such innovation which has the deepest impact on our life is Printer. The printer is one of the innovations which has unarguably changed our world. It has completely transformed our offices' spaces, personal homes, and organization and how we do our work.  There are plenty of printing making companies in the world. One such big name in the printer making business is “ HP  ‘’.  Hp Printer Helpline Number helps you resolve in fixing the issue on an immediate basis.

HP is one of the top-notch names in the printer making business. It’s known for their hardware as well as versatile software and the reliability of doing printing in easiest and comfortable way. It is known for making the excellent quality of printers. But sometimes the user does face certain issue while working on Hp printer. There are plenty of issue HP printer user faces while working on the  Hp Printer. Some of the common issue faced by Hp Printer is:

  • Jamming of the Printer.
  • Ink cartridges Problem.
  • Problem in the scanning of the printer.
  • Error in Printing of the Printer.

These are some of the common problems faces by the Hp Printer. But the user does face certain issue while working on HP printer. One of the common issue user faces is how to fix HP Printer not printing.  One can contact the Hp Printer helpline number or follow this simple procedure:

  • First of all, one needs to check the error message one is getting while printing.
  • Then if one is getting the particular message then it’s great.
  • Then check out what is the possible outlook solution to the problem.
  • In case, if neither of the reason is available then the possible reason must be to check the network connectivity.
  • One need to check whether the Printer is connected via USB or Ethernet Properly and the wire doesn't have any cutting marks.
  • In case if anyone is using Wifi Printer then one must make sure that WIFi is enabled and they are properly configured within the limited range. ·       
    Make sure that Printers have all the drivers and software are installed properly.
  • In case if anyone is missing then one can go to their website and look for the appropriate support driver and software and download as well as install it fix the concerning issue.
  • Your printer is configured properly all the device and software match properly.

How to contact HP Printer toll-free number?

Even after following these steps if one faces any problem regarding resolving of the Issue then one can directly call at the Hp Printer toll free Number. Their support team will make sure that whatever be the issue or problem in resolving it without taking much time. They work 24*7/365 days  to fix the issue and provide much needed assistance to their customer. 


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