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Netgear Router Issue? Dial on Netgear Router Customer Service Phone Number for the Effective Solution

In Today's Era, the Internet plays an important part in the life, it connects with family and friends through Social Media, most of the work is done through the Internet and Netgear understands this and offers high-speed Internet so that the customers can work in a proper way. Netgear Router has many benefits and thus it is highly appreciated by the users.

Even though with so many excellent features, the Netgear also goes for the breakdown and the same is quickly resolved by the Netgear Router Customer Service. The tech team resolves the issue in a short frame of time and hence allow the users to enjoy the entire elements of Netgear router.

Dial Netgear Router Customer Service Phone Number for any issue. The number is accessible 24*7, so you can make a call anytime for the assistance. Netgear believes in customer satisfaction and the tech support plays a vital role in this, they provide the best and effective solution to any issue.

Some users reported the Netgear Router issue and the same is described below with the solution provided by the Netgear Support team.

Can't Connect to the Internet: -

  1. If you cannot connect to the Internet, then disconnect the Router and connect your computer directly to the Modem. If still, can't connect then contact your Internet Service Provider.
  2. If you are getting connected through Modem, then configure the Router as it was earlier and then make sure all the cables are properly connected.
  3. If you are using an Ethernet Cable to connect the device and Router, then check the port and see the lit of the Port, if you can't see, then move the Ethernet cable to other Port. If still can't see any lit, then look for the Router Manual or Dial on Netgear router customer service phone number
  4. If all the cables are properly connected and still not getting the Internet, then Restart the Netgear Router and then Login.
  5. After Login, run the Netgear Router Smart Wizard and if you found the IP address, then click on "Test" located at the bottom of the page. This test will ensure that the Internet is active.
  6. If you can't find the IP address, then Power Off the Router and Modem and then Power ON the Router and Modem and then configure your Router with your username and password, click "Apply" and then go for the Smart Wizard Test.

Can't perform the Factory Reset: -

  1. At the back of your Router, you will find the Reset Button, take a paper pin, press and hold the Reset button with it for 10 seconds.
  2. After releasing, wait for some time as the Router will Reboot.
  3. Once the Reboot process is over, the Power light will stop blinking and will turn solid green.

Hence, your Router is reset, If still have an issue, then feel free to contact Netgear Router Customer Service for the assistance. The team works around the clock, so you can call anytime as per your need. The support team offers a high-class and effective solution of any Netgear Router Issue.

Get Some Information About Netgear Router Customer Service Phone Number

  • Netgear Router Customer Service Phone Number: 1 888 653 7308
  • Netgear Router Technical Support Phone Number: 1 888 653 7308
  • Netgear Router Helpline Number: 1 888 653 7308
  • Netgear Router Tech Support Phone Number: 1 888 653 7308


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