Telus Email Not Working

Telus Email Not Working

Telus corporation is a telecommunications company based in Canada. This company provides a wide means of communications products like internet access, voice, entertainment, healthcare, television cable etc. The headquarters of this company is located in Vancouver. Telus corporation is well known and reputed company that provides the best services to the residents of Canada. With the advancement in technology, this company’s wireless broadband and internet services are in demand and they are never left behind in providing the best service for the satisfaction to its customers.

Keeping the concerns that their customer face, Telus corporation introduces Telus email to support and resolve the issue. This email is used by those who have purchased any of the Telus communication product. It is natural that even sometimes you encounter Telus email not working and you are unaware of the issue that is caused. This article is here to tell you the issues that cause the email to not work and possible solutions to it.

Issues and solutions if Telus email is not responding

The common issues that are the email faces are mentioned below.

  • Every email inbox is set by default to receive and store some amount of messages. When the default inbox limit is exceeded this might be the reason that the user is not able to send or receive the messages. This can be solved by clearing the unwanted messages from inbox and outbox.
  • Sometimes the server of email is not responding then in this case you might quit the email and restart it again and check the response. If in case the problem still persists then you can contact Telus email tech support for better assistance.
  • Some users may face the issue of unable to attach the file or document. This might happen either due to attachment size limit or exceeding the limit. The user can either decrease the size of the file or change the file in the acceptable version of the email.

Contact Telus Email Technical Support Number

If you are still facing any issue then you can contact Telus Email Technical Support. The helpline number is available 24/7 and you can contact them any time of the hour without any hesitation.

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