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Keep in touch with Whatsapp Customer Service to protect your Whatsapp application for a long:

WhatsApp is one of the excellent download messenger apps for Smartphone. To use this app on the mobile phone, it is necessary to have an internet connection. It allows users to send and receive text messages, voice and video calls, chat, images and much more. It is a great tool to share your important concern among the already connected your friends with ease.

How it saves with the help of Whatsapp Customer Service?

This service is quite similar to the text messaging services, yet Whatsapp is advanced services and it requires internet in reply to send a message. It works like completely text message but you can send the images, videos, and can make a call to some of your friend with ease. When it comes to the price compared to the text messages, it does not cost high despite calling it messaging apps.

Whats app issues and How to update it easily:

In the market, there is available an updated version of the Whatsapp used by the users, but when the users noticed any kind of the bugs like (unable to send file, unable to open an image or video file, WhatsApp is not working on an Android device, etc). They are quite capable to contact Whatsapp Tech Support engineers who are expert in fixing a variety of issues within a short span of the time. Thereby if you updated your Whatsapp, it will let you chat, text, and share media including voice messages.

Get steps on how to update it:

WhatsApp relies on data to send messages like iMessage or BBM and it does not cut into your monthly text allotment in the case of using the App. But if you did not update your WhatsApp as you don’t know how to update it exactly. Take a note of the steps as listed down.

  • At first start on your device and directly go to the Google play store option.
  • Now select my apps & Games option and go to the installed apps list.
  • Check out the latest version of the WhatsApp in the list and tap the update button if are able to notice.
  • Press update button and go to the settings and select the account tab.
  • Press Google button and tap your account now and select the menu button.
  • Press remover button for the previous WhatsApp and fill in the correct detail after selecting the country code.

Contact Whatsapp Customer Service Number

Now you can select the phone number and contacts to automatically add in the new version of the apps. If having an error while managing your new version of the apps on your Smartphone you are free to dial Whatsapp Customer Service Number, available at every point of the time for the help of the users.  


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