Wifi Password Recovery

A summary on Wi-Fi not working, its issues and password recovery methods

Wi-Fi is the service that allows various electronic devices such as computers, smartphones etc. to communicate with one another wirelessly in a defined area. It has become a necessary service in today’s world. Almost all the communication services are connected to the internet, so without that nowadays nothing can be imagined.

While working on internet, many issues are faced which causes problem to the user and impact the working. In case of Wi-Fi not working, there can be a number` of issues which could be the reason.

The below listed may be a cause of Wi-Fi not working:

  • The Wi-Fi might not be working due to slow or not internet in particular rooms. For the better network, it should be placed in the center of the Wi-Fi’s coverage area.
  • Sometimes, one of the devices cannot get connected to the Wi-Fi. In this case, turning Wi-Fi off and then on could work. If still it is not working, turn off the router by unplugging the cables and then plug it again after 30seconds. The network can be deleted from the system and then can be added again to make it work.
  • If the user is unable to use the Wi-Fi, the system can be plugged in the router directly using the Ethernet cable for this. If the wired connection is working then there is an issue with the wireless network. And if, the wired connection is also not working, then the internet service provider should be contacted.
  • The internet connection drops, it may be happening due to other electronic devices which are causing the problem. The router can be reset and checked if it does not drop now.
  • In case, Wi-Fi network is completely lost, try resetting the router and find for the network. If an unprotected network is seen, try connecting with that and see if it works.
  • If the network is getting connected but the user is unable to access the internet, then resetting the modem can help by unplugging and plugging back the cables.

The process of Wi-Fi password recovery involves following steps:

  • In case of Windows PC, if the same network was connected in the past also, Start menu is opened and View network connection is typed in that. In the network connection, right-click and Status option is chosen. On the pop-up window, Wireless Properties is clicked. After that, click in the box of show characters and all the fields will show the data entered.
  • If Wi-Fi is connected to Mac OS, then the Finder app is opened, after that Applications entry on the left-hand should be clicked. Now, the Utilities option is clicked. Then, the Keychain Acess.app utility should be launched whose icon resembles to the set of keys. In this, System should be selected and Password should be highlighted. Next, the user can locate router and double-click it. In the pop-up, password is displayed.
  • There is a router method also which can be used for Wi-Fi password reset. In this, if the router is provided by the internet service provider, then it has its network name and password printed on the router’s label. This method will only work in the case if password was not changed.

In case of any assistance or queries regarding the Wi-Fi password or connection, the Internet service provider should be contacted. The executives in the customer service will help the users to avail the best services by providing the help regarding any issue about internet services provided by them. The details of the same can be found on the official website of the service provider.


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